I’m a digital futurist and an entrepreneur from Finland. I have a skill for explaining in layman’s terms the impact that technology and science will have on our daily life. My digital history is nerdy.  I have led application development projects, teams and business units for over 25 years, creating digital consumer services for banks, retail stores, forest companies, manufacturing industry and media corporations generating billions of euros to my customers. I also have another parallel history and career path in entertainment industry as DJ, Radio host, event producer, music publisher and manager of performing artists and bands.

Early years with computers and virtual reality

I started my nerding with ZX Spectrum early 80’s. I used BASIC programming language to develop games. My first computer game was called Mike on the Moon. Game concept was to move Mike on low gravity moon surface to pick up treasures and avoid hitting sharp objects that kills your character. I got my first PC end of 80’s and year 92 I made my first commercial application using first version of Visual Basic. My humble vision on early 90’s was to make business out of network gaming (eSport), so I asked Compaq for 6 brand new powerful PC’s and created public cafe where network gaming, internet and use of virtual reality was possible. Together with my friend we made a Nordic import deal with iClasses virtual reality gear for consumers. Unfortunately, the tech was not yet ready. VR content was non-existing (only few games and tech demos) and consumer price was too high for massive business opportunity. Business didn’t fly, but we financed our hobby by creating demo material for fairs to attract visitors to our customer stand. To survive we also produced huge techno events in our cafe.  I made my first (and hopely last) bankruptcy being too much in future.

Early years with music

I was 14 years old when I participated DJ training organized by my home town Hyvinkää. After that I was performing as DJ in several disco events. When I was 17 I started to work as restaurant DJ. Year 93 I produced my first event. Early 90’s I was producing and hosting radio show in local radio in Hyvinkää. I did that for 3 years and same time with my friend we founded event production company. Mid 90’s I ended my career as DJ, but left to entertainment business as performing artist manager and music publisher. One of the band I have managed more than 20 years is Finnish legendary rap/pop music group called Raptori. Still doing that and most probably do it rest of my life.

Human behavior vs. digitalization

My first global end-user service project mid 90’s was intranet of global consulting company. Project was mostly done in Amsterdam and we had a global team. My responsibility was service design and application development (HTML/ASP). That was my first project where I noticed how important the user interface is and how much there are variations of end-users capacity and will to learn new things. That was the point when I started to be interested not only applications but also human behavior. End of 90’s I was happy to be selected to work in MPS Corporation, a Finnish company that provides expertise in management and strategic personnel solutions. Primary target for me was digitalization of career management services including the recruitment assessment tests. That was my school to understand more deeply human behavior and helped my future work with change management.

Digital channels for several industries

Nearly 15 years ago I started as an employee at Tieto Corporation, a leading Nordic software and services company. I have worked with global companies in manufacturing, forest, retail, banking, insurance and public sector creating digital services generating billions of euros to my customers. I hate bad user experience so end-user centric design has played an important role in all B2B and B2C services that I have worked with. Customer value has always been my primary target in all projects and that has led to great success and customer satisfaction.

Hand of Industrial Internet (IoT)

I started my competence development around IoT business really traditional way. I met customers having IoT platform, sensors and analytic toolset in my portfolio. Value seeking started by asking use cases and problems that we could start solving. I spend almost a year of my career hitting head to the wall and doing small non-inspiring pilots. That was the point when I decided to start creating products that are more future ready than the ones customers had identified. First draft of empathic reality was born with several product ideas.

Empathic Reality (ER)

Because of my history with consumer applications it is so easy for me to create human centric services. Unfortunately, it is not easy for most of us. For that reason, I have created the framework of Empathic Reality. It is set of tools for new service creations that ensures human centric content to all digital realities (aka digital twins). As an example for IoT type of services I have toolbox called ‘human as an IoT sensor’. Using my Empathic Reality framework, I created Empathic Building service for Tieto Corporation.

Smoothly operating Keynote in Georgia…


I’m confident that my future includes global projects that changes the world one way or another. I will select my future work and projects that supports my agenda to make mankind more future ready. Work for me is not just a pay-check, it must contain fulfillment that people seek normally outside work hours. I want to be professional keynote speaker and thought leader when topics are about digital future.