My first post: I need a toolkit.

As my humble mission is to make human kind more future ready, I really need to understand how to influence people. For that I need more tools.

Almost all of my projects that I have done to my customers includes launch or rollout. Old legacy application is replaced with new one. Music band releases a new album. Customer launching a new service to consumers. They all need marketing and communication.

I’m not an expert in marketing out communications, but luckily I have been able to work with really talented and rewarded ones. So I understand basic rules for that, but I’m still seeking solution to a really tricky problem: some people seems to be incompetent to change their opinion even if they see proven facts from reliable source.

First I thought that it is just capacity problem, but this happens also with highly educated and talented people. Good book about this example is Hans Rosling: Factfulness. So core problem lies somewhere else. My first mission to make people more future ready starts by solving this problem. I hope that it gives me more tools to be more successful. My next post will be my findings during my problem solving project.

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