My humble mission is to change human kind more future ready. I believe that future ready mankind will make our blue planet more better place to live for coming generations.

I’m really worried that most of us still believe that things were better before and/or they think that future is scary. Majority thinks that the individual user has no opportunity to influence future. I also see growing amount of people seeing truth differently no matter that there is more proven fact available for them as never before. As long as we have this kind of people at different roles of society, it will slow down the change or even stop it.

My practical tools for change are global keynote presentations and this webpage. To this site I will publish videos and blog posts that hopely will change visitors mindset to more future ready. I will only use sources that are credible and authoritative. I’m not even pretending to be an expert on this field, so I will use professional people to help me on this mission. I try to present objective arguments and clearly note when it is my personal opinion.

My mission is completed, when statistics will show that more than half of earths population think that nothing was better before.

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